Legend Online Hack

Our team gladly present you our own brand new Legend Online Hack. After days of coding and testing our team is ready to present you an amazing cheat to Legend Online game. This hack can generate unlimited amount of gold and diamonds. This generator is safe (Guard Protection Script), undetectable, user-friendly and clean (Online Scanned). It also works on all the most commonly used platforms. This cheat tool was created by a team of expert developers so it is free of any kind of bugs and it will always work. If you want to download the cheat then scroll down the page and click on the “download” button.


Legend Online Hack Features

  • Our hack has been thoroughly tested and its 100% working. Our hack is also extremely safe.
  • Our hack is 100% free of bugs and errors.
  • Multiple platform support.
  • A person who does not have any knowledge about hacks and codes can still use our program without any difficulties and it is a user-friendly one.
  • Proxy system to avoid using your IP address.
  • The anti-ban system of our program is inbuilt with care so that your account does not get suspended in the game and you can thus enjoy the game without any worries.
  • Built-in value updater, updates the values after editing them.
  • Built-in update checker, the hack is always working and updated to the version of the game.
  • Unlimited amount of gold.
  • Unlimited amount of diamonds.

About Legend Online Game

Legend Online is a game in style MMORPG developed by 7road Games and published by Oasis on the date of 7 August 2012. It is a browser free-to-play game whose form of income are micro transactions. Their platforms are the official website of Oasis Games and Facebook. Get the best out of the game with our Legend Online Cheats!


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How to use

  • Download Legend Online Hack bellow.
  • Choose where you play and the browser that you use and click connect.
  • Choose your features and enter their values.
  • Last one – click the Hack button, it will automatically update the game.
  • Enjoy your Legend Online Hack!


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61 Responses

  1. salvador says:

    Funfando! Obrigado.

  2. diego says:

    Meu deus! Tantos diamantes que eu tenho :)

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  4. Diou says:

    Vamo qui vamo galera, dominando o legend, tou com muitos diamantes! Servidor 320!

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  6. Diogo says:

    Meu deus funciona mesma vo ser o melhor do meu server!

  7. ygor says:

    Fikei muito top!

  8. José Anderson Fefo says:

    e aew vei blz
    essa parada funfa mesmo
    fiqui meio desconfiado no inicio mas dps baixei e funfou!

  9. funfado com sussesso

  10. MarcosIngles1415 says:

    mt obrigado tava mesmo preciso deste rack!

  11. MarcosIngles1415 says:

    Funfando com sucesso….

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    funfou caralho muito obrigado!

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  16. diego says:

    muito bom mesmo esse truque

  17. johnathan says:

    Estupefacto! Galera pensei que não ia funfar mas FUNFOU! MUITO OBRIGADO.

  18. elvis says:

    me gusta grasias

  19. por que no me quiere descargar

  20. esto no me funcina por que

  21. kinholopes says:

    bom site

  22. keiwer says:

    exelente hack

  23. David says:

    Gracias!!! 😀 hack

  24. igor says:

    Foda Gosti

  25. lenin says:

    muy bueno gracias

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    Buen hack

  27. luis blanco says:

    Gracias muy bueno

  28. roberto says:

    pow legal funfa mesmo gostei muito

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    es buen hack

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    muito bom isso

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    Otimo Hack Nota 10

  34. JoseM says:

    Muy bueno el hack

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    gracias, está funcionando perfectamente

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    sta buenisimo!!

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    Muito bom este rack. muito facil de usar e funfou direitinho :))

  41. hosman says:

    woww incredible *-*

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